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The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

I’m a victim of the ‘Coffee Culture”. Back in college, my hang-out was the local coffee shop and coffee kept me going for many late night study sessions. After graduation, I worked a night shift for a stretch and coffee was a constant companion.

My coffee consumption had highs and lows, but at its worst I’d drink 7 to 8 cups a day. I’d developed a sort of addiction to caffeine.

A couple of years ago, I got tired of the energy highs and lows that caffeine brought and quit drinking coffee and caffeinated drinks for good. Once past the ‘hangover’ phase, I noticed that my energy levels stayed stable throughout the day and I didn’t need a shot to wake me up in the morning.

Still, there were times that I wanted a mug of something warm and soothing to drink in the morning. I didn’t want the jitters to plague me all day; just a relaxing beverage that I could sip while reading the morning newspaper. That’s when I discovered Turmeric tea.

Turmeric Tea is a popular beverage that is well known in Okinawa, Japan for its mellow taste and amazing health benefits. Since it doesn’t contain any caffeine, it was my perfect replacement for coffee. I also like this tea because it’s really very cheap and can be made easily.

All you really have to do is add a teaspoon of Turmeric spice to a mug

Teapot Infuser
A tea infuser – a small container that acts like a tea bag will keep the turmeric grounds from making the drink ‘gritty’.
Image: Pixabay.com

of hot water. I prefer to use a tea infuser, a small container that acts like a tea bag to keep the turmeric grounds from making the drink ‘gritty’. It’s a good idea to let your tea steep  for about 5 to 10 minutes to get the full flavor.

A couple of other spices that can be added to the drink are Black or Cayenne pepper, honey, ginger, or lemon.

Pepper will help you body absorb the curcumin from the turmeric which is believed to bring the health benefits that this tea provides. Black pepper will give you a more mellow taste while cayenne pepper can really spice the drink up. (So go easy with the cayenne pepper!)

Lemon will give you a more tangy taste and will also aid with digestion.

Ginger will give the drink a sharp taste while also helping with digestion and acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Honey can be used to sweeten the beverage, while also helping to give your immune system a boost. If the drink is still too bitter, you might also want to add sweetened almond milk to give it a smoother taste.

The Okinawan islands have more people that live past 100 years than any other place on Earth. In addition to their diet and exercise, the turmeric tea is often credited toward this longevity.

Turmeric is known to be a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s also a very good appetite suppressant for those trying to lose weight.

While turmeric has impressive health benefits, you should stay away from this drink if you suffer from diabetes  or use blood pressure medicine.  You should also avoid turmeric if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Tea in the Morning
After drinking Turmeric Tea I noticed that my energy levels stayed stable throughout the day and I didn’t need a shot to wake me up in the morning.
Image: Pixabay.com

This tea is a nice alternative to coffee. It can provide important health benefits, while helping keep your energy levels stable through out the day. While the taste can take a while to get used to, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with adding spices to make it more to your liking.


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