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Welcome to Embrace T’ai Chi

What is Embrace T’ai Chi?

Embrace T’ai Chi is a lifestyle blog for the T’ai Chi enthusiast.

There a lot of Lifestyle blogs on the internet that cover everything from golf, to cooking, to sailing, or fishing, crafts, relationships, dance, politics, cars, you name it! But it’s hard to find a website that discusses the way that T’ai Chi affects the lives of the people who practice this remarkable art

T’ai Chi people are special. Although the art shares many similarities to other pursuits like yoga, meditation, karate, or kung fu; The particular way this art is practiced puts it in a class of its very own. Those that train T’ai Chi deserve a place where they can explore and discover, as well as share their own experiences while practicing this unique lifestyle.

Of course there are a lot websites that cover a particular style or lineage of T’ai Chi. Many delve into the specific history and traditions of a school or organization. These sites offer a wealth of information and detail to the student wishing to learn that specific brand of the art.

But what’s missing on the Internet is a place to get the ‘Big Picture’ of T’ai Chi practice. Something that goes beyond a set of forms or traditions and asks the question “What does it mean to live the T’ai Chi Way?”

Certainly there are many differences within the diverse schools of T’ai Chi. –There are as many ways to practice the forms as there are people on the planet!

This is a place where we will celebrate those differences but also explore the things that we all hold in common. Since the T’ai Chi methods tend to grow from a simple practice into a fully holistic philosophy that often affects every aspect of our lives, we’ll have a lot to cover here.

Together, we’ll embrace topics such as Technique, Awareness, Body Mechanics, Philosophy, Postures, Pressure Points, Energy Healing, Mindfulness, Fitness, Fashion, Diet, Instruction, History,  Taoism, Buddhism, Exercise, Meditation, Healthy Living, Nature, Books, Movies, Articles, Relationships, Training Tips, Inspiration, Psychology, Insights, and Stories…  just to name a few!

Tai Chi Class in the Rain
It’s easy to feel isolated in your practice.
Image: Laura Beasley

Even though over 250 Million People practice T’ai Chi Worldwide,, it’s easy to feel isolated in your practice. While many participate in the class environments, there are also those train alone. After all, it is an ‘Internal Art,’ and that naturally leads to a certain amount of Solitude.

So, Embrace T’ai Chi will be a place where we can all come together, no matter where we happen to live, or how we happen to practice, to share our experiences with this incredible art. It’s a place where we can pass on our thoughts and ideas about living the T’ai Chi way.

There will be plenty of articles, posts, and videos, to grab your interest, inspire you, to motivate you to continue training, and offer insight into this extraordinary way of life. But, most of all, we’d like you to think of this site is a place where you can go to connect with the T’ai Chi Community all around you.

So, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned Master, we hope you’ll return again and again, to discover what this amazing lifestyle has to offer.


Cover Photo – T’ai Chi is more than a martial art, it’s a lifestyle


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